There are some really awesome blogs out there. I’ve spent hours reading, laughing and crying as these amazing men and women have opened their hearts to their followers. I’ve listed them all here with links a brief description of each.

Please visit them, support them and show them some love!

A Silver Garden

A beautiful woman of grace and dignity started this blog on her journey to restoration. It is beautifully written and touches the hearts of many who struggle with life events, divorce, codependency and faith. Please visit my friend Denise and show her some love.

Katie Maslin – Sisters of Serenity and Sobriety

Kate is an amazing writer, an inspiration and an all around awesome woman. Her words move me and she uses her experience in behavioral health to help and heal wounded souls as a writer and public speaker. Check her out and support her new non-profit organization.

Mrs. D. Is Going Without

Lotta is from New Zealand and chronicles her sobriety month by month for the first year. Since then, she talks about anything and everything. And she just started another blog about mindfulness and meditation called Mrs. D. is Going Within. She’s also a mother, wife and an author. Enjoy!

Taking The Mask Off 

This amazing blog is all about removing the stigma surrounding addiction, alcoholism, abuse, mental illness and suicide. It touches on all the aspects that contribute to stigma and what we all can do to change the way people look at those who need help. Really good stuff.

Mr. SponsorPants

Very funny, very real stories of sobriety, sponsorship and life. He’s got more than a quarter century of sobriety and anyone who is still trying to figure out what a SnapChat is can relate to him. Check him out.

Discovering Beautiful

Brittany is a 30-something woman who found her way to recovery through faith. She writes about it all and has a unique way of reaching your heart. She’s very active on Twitter, too, despite the fact that she is a new mommy! Show her your appreciation by visiting her blog and sharing.

Sober Mom Writes

The title says it all! This sassy woman writes honestly about her experiences as an alcoholic who is also an adult child of an alcoholic. Really good, real, no BS stuff – and funny! She rocks!

There are so many, many more. Will be adding as time permits!

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