Thanks for letting me share

How did you get here? I mean here, to my page, not here in life. Okay, well I guess I’d like to know that too. But also, how did you get to my blog? Was it through a search engine, a FB page, Twitter, the many subliminal messages I’ve planted all over the internet?

Why are you here? Don’t you have anything better to do? Cause c’mon. I know there are billions, well, maybe just millions of other blogs and pages on the internet. I’m not telling you to leave, nooooo. I’m really glad you’re here. Just wondering why.

What do you think? Not all the time. What do you think about the blog? Do you like it, hate it, love it? Does it help? Do you think it’s the best darned thing since Prozac? Do you text, tweet and message all your friends and tribe members to flock to it immediately? You can do that, you know. Anyhow, what do you think?

Finally, thanks for the info. None of it matters though. Because I don’t write this for you. I don’t do any of it for any of you. If it helps, I’m glad. If it gives you a chuckle, even better. But again, your opinion of me does not matter to me. In fact, it is absolutely none of my business. I learned that recently. The only thing that matters is that I do what God put me here to do as honestly and as authentically as I can without pissing too many people off.

Thanks for letting me share.

About Jennifer Wilson

Fumbling through recovery, faith and mental illness with God and lots of coffee
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4 Responses to Thanks for letting me share

  1. Polly Gugino says:

    I came across your blog from The Bubble Girls. I love how you reference to different articles in the highlighted blue words. I have shared your link with lots of friends too. I wish you’d post more often!
    I really look forward to reading your articles.
    Thanks, it has ben a gift to me!


    • Okay Polly, I’m on it. More articles to come. I’m just not sure when. 🙂 But seriously, thanks for the great feedback! And yeah, backlinks (those blue highlighted words) are pretty fun to click on! Peace…


  2. Becky says:

    Thanks for sharing, Jennifer! I love reading your posts/blogs . . . because you know how to put into words all of the things I wish I could say. And yes, I forward them to all my friends 🙂

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